Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We are having a...BOY!

After a very long ultrasound yesterday we found out we are having a BOY!  We are all so excited and thrilled that everything looks good.  He was a bit stubborn/strong willed (already like his siblings) and refused to let the ultrasound tech find & measure everything she needed.  After almost an hour, she said, "I'm sorry, but he is not cooperating and you have to come back in."
So we will be heading back in next month for another ultrasound and hopefully with a more helpful little guy!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Has it really been over a year since I posted!  Time sure flies!  Life is pretty much the same, Sheramie loves his job and I enjoy my time at home with the kids.  We visit family as much as we can and always wish it was more.  I turned 30 last month and it was a really good birthday!  My parents came up and surprised me on their way to Erica's graduation in Idaho, we already had a sitter for the kids (thanks Liz) and we went out to dinner... it was quiet and really nice.  We hope to be visiting my parents in Cali soon and can't wait to see them & play in the pool and at the beach!  I love the ocean!!!
We are still looking into buying a home, however the market here in northern Nevada leaves much to be desired.  The housing prices have sky-rocketed overnight, and as soon as a home comes on the market, it'll have 12-20 offers on it by the end of the day.  *sigh*  So we keep saving and trusting that things will work out for us when they should.  Our current apartments are nice, we are just ready for a home... with a yard and a garage :)   It'll happen someday!

We are expecting baby #3 early this fall!  We find out what we are having next week and are all very excited.  I don't know what it is, but I think it is a boy - because we have a lot of baby girl clothes :)   We will be traveling to see family and camping this summer.  We plan to head up to WA to visit Sheramie's parents, and maybe even head to Utah for my cousins wedding at the end of July-life permitting!
I hope everyone is doing well-I miss my friends and family and wish we all lived closer!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project Bunk Beds complete!

We finished the bunk beds about a month ago, but I have neglected to post the pics.  I love the bunk bed.  I love all the extra storage, I love how they look, and I LOVE that it is out of my living room!

We designed our bunk bed using a software program.  We liked this idea from ana-white for a set of beds that can be used as either a bunk bed or separate twin beds.  However,  I am not a huge fan of slats for the headboard and footboards.  For a few reasons:
1.  Maybe it stems from my childhood, in a room with my 3 little sisters, a bunk bed, crib and toddler bed, and dressers-we were a little cramped.  My sister was in the crib by my head, and would pull my hair through the slats.
2.  Dusting the one ledge is easier than in between each slat.
3.  Plus kids can climb slats better than solid wood- and our kids are climbers.
4.  Or, maybe it stems from my desire to live by the coast and have a beach house with bead-board throughout!
I wanted something solid like this.  As much as I LOVE pottery barn, it just doesn't quite fit our budget.  So we improvised.  Instead of buying bead-board/wainscoting which is kind of thin and flimsy for kids beds, and which can get expensive, we made our own at the width we wanted.  We knew we were going to paint it, so my husband used regular plywood and a router and made some awesome "beadboard"--it is perfect!
So how it works is: as a bunk bed, both headboards are on the bottom, and both footboards are used on the top.  Footboards are a bit shorter than the headboards, so you don't get your wack the head syndrome of the person on the bottom, and there is still plenty of room to sit on the top.  It is tall enough off the floor to store boxes of #10 food storage cans-score! For now it just has the box-spring we had for her twin bed, until we figure out what to do with it.
We also used 4x4 posts instead of 2 x 4's to give it a more solid frame, and a sturdier look. This also makes it wider than most beds - the twin mattress sits in between, giving about 4 inches on each side. My husband did amazing with all the building, cutting and designing.  I painted, nail gunned, and drilled.

Well enough talking, here are the pics!